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Finding a vegan dog bone is proving difficult -_-

Because dogs are carnivores, with identical digestive systems to wolves.  There is no such thing as “vegan bone.”

Hint: plants don’t have bones.

god fucking damnit stop feeding your dog fucking garbage or get a fucking rabbit if you must have a ~vegan pet~

fucks sake

lmao vegan dog bone

A stick. The item you’re searching for is a stick.

bolding above comment because I laughed right the fuck out loud

I once met a vegan dog. It was unhealthiest looking animal I have ever seen.

Abusing/neglecting your dog because you’re scared of hurting animals. Oh the irony.

The worst kind of animal cruelty is the kind vegan pet owners do to their dogs and cats, because most of them honestly don’t think they’re being cruel and are doing a good thing.

This post goes into details as to why a vegan/vegetarian diet for a dog or cat is cruelty and can never, ever fill their nutritional needs no matter what other vegans try to tell you.

If you legitimately can’t handle handling meat, do not ever, EVER get an animal that requires animal protein as part of its diet. That means no cats, dogs, snakes, or ferrets for you, you stick to rabbits and guinea pigs. Those animals are naturally vegan.

Edit: What a surprise, the OP’s dogs have fleas and they’re looking for ‘home remedies only, no chemicals’. Guess what? There are about 0 home remedies that are effective for fleas, and keeping a flea infestation going doesn’t make you a good ‘rescuer’, nor does it make it healthier than using some proven flea & tick products.

It makes you a bad pet owner who is willingly subjecting her dogs to the discomfort of fleas and putting them at risk for tapeworms (fleas are carriers), anemia, and secondary skin infections due to the scratching and biting they’ll do.

You are a terrible, irresponsible dog owner and should feel bad.

I pity your dogs.

One just has to look at their pictures to see the dull coats that are the result of the ‘healthy’ vegan diet.

P.S. Just because your dog will eat a carrot doesn’t mean it’s a ‘vegan bone’, it’s a carrot, and it provides very little nutrition to a dog because their digestive systems aren’t designed to deal with high levels of vegetable matter.

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